The pandemic has greatly redefined the main challenges in the Retail sector, among which we can highlight:

  • Improving consumer insight.
  • Managing omnichannel presence (solution).
  • Digitizing the physical store (RFID).
  • Digitizing the supply chain.
  • Enhancing the Customer Journey.

In the Retail sector, our clients see us as a clear reference that can accompany them in tackling these challenges and others related to optimizing their business processes.

Our Services
Our Services


The e-commerce sector is dynamic and unpredictable. We help companies adapt their business processes to B2C and B2B behaviors and trends. With our technology-driven solutions, businesses can achieve success in the “e-commerce product and service triangle”.

At Fermion Consultants, we support e-commerce clients in implementing logistical and financial models in SAP. We integrate SAP with internal and external logistics platforms, ensuring smooth operations during peak seasons.

Our expertise in reverse logistics addresses the challenge of returns management. We optimize B2B relationships through best practices, forming a fundamental pillar for successful execution.


the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the fight against the pandemic, the pharmaceutical sector requires a stable regulatory environment and a strategy that fosters innovation. At Fermion Consultants, we optimize pharmaceutical business processes, enabling traceability, and satisfying market demands.

We specialize in SAP integrations with traceability systems, master data optimization, and CRM interconnections, such as Salesforce. Our solutions provide direct sales force support and a deep understanding of customer needs.

Choose Fermion Consultants for pharmaceutical expertise that drives efficiency, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

Our Services
Our Services

the Food Industry

The food industry embraces the digital landscape to enhance customer satisfaction and maintain quality standards. Traceability tools play a vital role in achieving this.

At Fermion Consultants, we integrate logistics processes into SAP, ensuring traceability through batch management. Our reporting functionality in SAP enables efficient decision-making across departments.

Leveraging SAP technology, we streamline the food industry’s supply chain, ensuring transparency, quality control, and effective communication throughout production. Trust us for efficient management in the evolving food industry.